2015 Rad Dance Challenge

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Congratulations to AQ’s Students at the RAD Dance Challenge 2015! After the heats held on 6th-8th Nov, a total of 7 AQ students entered the finals:

Isabel Smith – Level 2
Oh Xu Wen – Level 2
Rachel Chow – Level 3
Noelle Lim – Level 3
Tessar Goh – Level 4
Jessica Liao – Level 4
Oh Shu Xin – Level 4

We are proud of all our participants at this formal competition, and for many, it is their first time competing solo.

Special mention to:
Oh Xu Wen – 3rd place for Level 2
Jessica Liao – 3rd place for Level 4

Best Choreography Award goes to AQ’s Principal Josephine Wang.

Congratulations again to all participating students. This competition journey would have pushed you on to a level beyond your grades. To all finalists, You Shone on Stage!


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