Contemporary Dance


Contemporary Dance is a genre that incorporates elements from various dance styles. In technique terms, Contemporary combines the strength and control of Classical Ballet and various components of other modern dancing. Do expect a magnitude of dynamic dance movements and changes through various routines.

AQ Dance Contemporary classes cover Contemporary techniques, Floor Work, Stretch and Lyrical Choreography. Our Dance Instructors will inject both fun and technical aspects into every class. Our past graduates have been doing well in the various Lyrical and Contemporary sections at both regional and local competitions.

These classes have become very popular among our teenage dance students and every class will cultivate:

  • Greater Range of Techniques and Styles
  • Versatility in Movements
  • Ability to Think Out of the Box
  • Exploration of Different Dance Movements
  • Appreciation for a Greater Range of Music Genres

Each class is structured and catered towards the following:

  • Age Group – Teens
  • Must show competence in Ballet / Basic Dance background to fully immerse in this program
  • Duration for Beginners – 60 Mins Per Class (Once A Week Schedule)
  • Duration for Advanced – 90 Mins Per Class (Once A Week Schedule)

We hope that each student will also come to appreciate what they have; to have empathy and awareness for those around them; and living life to the fullest!

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