Tap Dance


Tap Dance contains a very fast pace and fluid movement of the body. It incorporates aspects of fluid movements and classical ballet technique. This dance is well known due to the strong metal caps hitting the dance space as performers fly through the studio and performance stage.

AQ Dance Tap classes develop a sense of rhythm and performance style for all students. As such, strength and flexibility are increased as students develop a confidence sense of performance. Our Dance Instructors will inject both fun and technical aspects into every class.

These classes have become very popular among our young dance students and every class will cultivate:

  • Enhanced Performance
  • Versatility in Movements
  • Confident Sense of Performance
  • Globally Recognised Certification upon completion of the every Annual Examinations

These Certifications are conducted by Globally Recognised External Examination Boards and all students are awarded with Certificates from:

Each class is structured and catered towards the following:

  • Age Group – 5 Years Old And Above
  • Must show competence in Ballet / Basic Dance background to fully immerse in this program
  • Duration for Beginners – 45 Mins Per Class (Once A Week Schedule)
  • Duration for Intermediate – Advanced – 60 Mins Per Class (Once A Week Schedule)
  • Students come Twice A Week when coaching starts for the Annual Examinations
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