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Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus Taught at AQ Dance

At AQ Dance Academy, we take immense pride in incorporating the esteemed Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus into our curriculum, a renowned framework that has shaped exquisite dancers and teachers worldwide for over a century. This globally recognized syllabus is meticulously crafted to support students working towards the RAD’s yearly Graded and Vocational examinations, providing a structured and progressive training system that is both challenging and rewarding.

The RAD Syllabus: A Foundation of Excellence

The RAD syllabus is the gold standard for ballet training, designed to cultivate technical skill, musicality, and artistic expression. With a comprehensive range of levels to accommodate all ages and stages of development, the syllabus ensures that every student’s potential can be fully realized.

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Why Choose RAD at AQ Dance Academy?

The RAD syllabus follows a systematic approach to dance education, allowing students to progress through levels that build upon their skills and knowledge. This progressive learning curve is crucial in developing a strong technical foundation while also fostering an appreciation for the art of dance.

At AQ Dance Academy, we understand that the journey through dance education extends beyond physical technique. Through our dedicated use of the RAD syllabus, we emphasize character development, creativity, and performance quality, ensuring that students grow not only as dancers but as confident, expressive individuals.

By following the RAD syllabus, students are preparing for examinations that are acknowledged and respected worldwide. Success in these examinations is a testament to the student’s dedication and skill, and it can open doors to opportunities on international platforms.

Classes are a great way for kids to meet peers, learn teamwork, and build friendships.

Students working towards RAD examinations have the chance to experience a variety of dance genres within the ballet spectrum. This exposure allows them to become versatile dancers, equipped with the skills needed for a broad range of dance opportunities.

For those considering a career in dance, the RAD syllabus provides a clear pathway to professional development. From Graded to Vocational examinations, students can aim for higher achievements, including RAD teaching qualifications.

The RAD’s yearly Graded and Vocational examinations serve as milestones for our students, offering them opportunities to showcase their hard work and to receive valuable feedback from external examiners. This rigorous assessment process motivates students to set goals and strive for excellence.

Embracing the RAD Syllabus at AQ Dance Academy

AQ Dance Academy stands out not only for our commitment to our RAD program but also by our faculty of experienced RAD-qualified registered teachers, led by our Principal, Josephine Wang, who is also a distinguished RAD Examiner.

Specialist in Dance Education

AQ Dance’s faculty brings unparalleled expertise to AQ Dance Academy. Their intricate knowledge of the RAD standards and expectations allows for tailored coaching that aligns perfectly with the syllabus’s requirements. Students benefit from insights that are directly in sync with the examination criteria, giving them a unique edge.

Tailored Feedback for Unmatched Progress

With AQs highly experienced faculty, our students receive feedback that is both informed and highly relevant. This means that the guidance provided to our students is of the same calibre as that of the RAD examination panel, ensuring that every nuance of their training prepares them for success.

RAD Examination Preparation

AQ Dance’s programs are taught by experienced RAD Examiners and faculty teachers. This translates into superior preparation for our students’ examinations. They gain an intimate understanding of the examination process, from the adjudication perspective to the subtleties of technique and expression that are expected by the RAD.

At AQ Dance Academy, we are committed to delivering a world-class dance education. By integrating the RAD syllabus into our programs, we provide our students with an unmatched foundation for success. We celebrate their achievements in the yearly RAD examinations, which reflect not just their dance abilities but their dedication and passion for the art form.

We have artfully blended the joy of dance with the virtue of discipline, crafting a learning environment where fun and character-building pave the way to excellence. Our vibrant academy is a space where students are encouraged to embrace the delight of dance while adhering to a disciplined regime that molds character and hones skill, ensuring that every step contributes to their journey of achieving personal and artistic greatness.

AQ Dance Academy’s approach has proven effective, with a remarkable track record where the majority of our students consistently attain Distinctions and High Distinctions in their yearly RAD Examinations. In our nurturing and supportive environment, the blend of joyous learning and rigorous training sets the stage for a legacy of excellence, where every student shines and thrives in the spotlight of success. Join us!

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