A Genuine Heart for Dance Education and Making a Difference

“Ms. Josephine is an effective and caring teacher with a genuine heart for dance education and making a difference. She goes out of her way to ensure that every student reaches their full potential and achieves the growth they deserve. I’m truly grateful to her for all the mentorship and opportunities she has given me, which played an important role in my growth as both a dancer and person.”

Germaine Tng

AQ Graduate, Placed in many CSTD Dance Competitions and CSTD Summer School Scholarship Winner, Current PHD Student in Psychology

Helped me through my Tough Trainings in becoming a Pilot

“Ms Josephine Wang has taught me for the longest time and it has been my greatest pleasure to be learning under her. The amount of dedication and passion she has towards ballet and teaching is extensive. She never fails to inculcate life lessons and values to us. Teaching and nurturing us to be a better person on top of being a better dancer. Ballet has taught me how to be disciplined, perseverant and confident. It has helped nurtured me while growing up, and helped me through my tough training towards being a pilot.”

Tessar Goh

AQ Graduate, RAD Dance Challenge 2015 Finalist, Current Job: RSAF Pilot

AQ Teachers are Patient and Affirming

“The teachers at AQ are very patient and affirming throughout the entire process, which allows me to gain confidence in my capabilities.”

Natalie Low

Advanced Student at AQ, Achieved Distinction in RAD ADV2, Placed 1st in many Dance Competitions, Academic School: SOTA

Expression of Emotions through Movements and Artistry

“I love to dance as after watching my sister in dance class, it made me realise how enjoyable it is. Dance allows me to express my emotions through movement and artistry. It helps me to relieve stress and makes me happy. I soon realised I wanted to pursue dance as a career and I’m now working towards it with determination.”

Janelle Chua

AQ Graduate, AQ Scholar, Currently pursuing dance full time at New Zealand School of Dance
Emma Pereira - Senior Dance Educator

Best Fit at AQ

“I went to other ballet schools before AQ but finally settled on staying here since 2013 as it was the best fit for me! 🙂 ”

Emma Pereira

AQ Graduate, AQ Scholar 2014 - 2018, Current SMU Faculty of Law Student

Opportunities through the AQ Scholarship Program

“The AQ Scholarship Program has given me so many opportunities to improve myself as a dancer as well as mentally. Learning harder choreography and different genres has not only led me to push myself out of my comfort zone, but has also helped tremendously with my training for the ballet examinations. Additionally, I have made so many strong friendships that have grown as a result of the group items I was a part of. Having the ability to work through hardships as a group has taught me the importance of teamwork, and has allowed myself and my peers to bond through the support we have provided for one another.”

Isabel Smith

AQ Graduate, Placed in many Dance Competitions, Academic School: UWCSEA

Lessons at AQ Dance are Enjoyable

“I love to dance as I find dancing a way to express myself, and it allows me to reduce the amount of pressure and stress on myself. I also love to dance as it helps me to relax and lessons at AQ dance are always highly enjoyable.
I have also learnt resilience from dance training, as in dance there are always some steps that I have yet to master, thus, I cannot easily give up and I must keep on working hard, putting in effort to achieve my goal.”

Celine Lee

Advanced, Placed at many Dance Competitions, Academic School: Dunman High School

Letting go of insecurities and gain Confidence

“Through the AQ Scholarship Program, I was fortunate to be able to get the opportunity to attend and win several awards at the Get The Beat and CSTD Competition over the years and also be a guest performer at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. I was challenged to perform different genres of dance such as jazz and musical theatre and learn harder routines which I have never attempted before. Thankfully, the AQ Scholarship Program gave me the opportunity to actually experience it and widen my dance knowledge. Competing and performing in front of a large crowd has allowed me to let go of any insecurities and fears and gain confidence.”

Avril Lee

AQ Graduate, Pioneer Cohort, AQ Scholar 2012-2018, Current Student at SUSS

Discipline, Resilience, Improve Memory and Coordination

“Ballet has definitely moulded me into who I am today: a disciplined individual, who handles her time well by managing a multitude of activities such as track, ballet, academics, and part-time work. I have learnt to be more resilient in nature as syllabus work requires dancers to rigorously repeat techniques and steps until Miss Josephine is satisfied. Ballet has also helped improve my memory and coordination, as both skills are essential in the execution of ballet movements…. Join AQ Kids 🙂”

Lian Li Yan

AQ Graduate, Pioneer Cohort, Current Job: Biotechnologist

Pivotal in Shaping Me

“I am extremely grateful for the experiences I’ve had at AQ, and the teachers who believed in me, all of which has been pivotal in shaping me into the person I am today. I really could not imagine my life without dance.”

Oh Shu Xin

AQ Graduate, Placed 1st in numerous Dance Competitions, Current NTU, Faculty of Medicine Student
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