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Tiffany started her classical ballet training at a tender age of 4, under the guidance of AQ Dance Studio’s Principal and Director, Josephine Wang. She was trained under the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and has participated in the Asia-Pacific dance competitions held by The Commonwealth of Teachers of Dancing, since she was 7, and competed in her first classical solo when she was 9. Her few notable wins include coming 1st in the Under 10 ensemble in 2004 and 2005, 3rd in National Dance Solo and Honorable Mention in Classical Solo in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Tiffany completed her RAD Grade 8 in 2009, and Vocational Advanced 1 Exams in 2013.

To help her understand the mechanics of the body and how movement is created, Tiffany decided to take on the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Course, and is now a certified Pilates Instructor, specialising in Pilates for dancers and scoliosis. She has taught private and group Pilates classes on various Pilates equipment in studios around Singapore before joining AQ Dance Studio as a Dance Educator. Tiffany is always learning – as both an instructor, educator, and as a student. To help understand the various conditions that her clients and students have, she keeps herself updated by attending courses and workshops, and is currently undergoing Gyrotonic Teacher Training as well.

Tiffany is constantly applying what she has learnt to her teaching and looks forward to sharing her passion and technical expertise in movement with her students at AQ Dance Studio. Under her guidance, Tiffany would like to help her students develop and deepen their sense of body awarenesses, so that they can understand their bodies better, whilst mitigating injuries as they train. Likewise, as a firm believer of proper form and technique, Tiffany would love to continue working with each student to provide a safe and pain-free environment as they progress through their journeys as dancers.