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Vocational Ballet

Prepare for the pinnacle of ballet training with our Vocational Ballet program, aimed at students aged 11 and above. As you embark on this pre-professional journey, immerse yourself in the advanced RAD Vocational syllabus, meticulously designed to challenge and refine your technique, readying you for pointe work and the demands of a professional dance career. With instruction from our seasoned RAD certified teachers and insights from renowned guest faculty, led by Josephine Wang, our students achieve unparalleled excellence. With a proven track record of distinction, AQ Dance Academy is your gateway to mastering the art of ballet at its highest form. 

AQ Dance incorporates the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Vocational syllabus into every class. The Vocational Grades provides Pre-Professional training for senior students who are keen to progress into their Classical Ballet training. They also achieve the RAD Certification at the end of each Grade through the Annual and Biannual Examinations.

The Vocational Grades classes will cultivate:

  • In Depth Knowledge for Classical Ballet Techniques
  • Stronger muscular control
  • Strong Appreciation for Greater Variety of Musical Phrasing, Rhythm and Tempo
  • Greater Attention to Details for Technique, Performance Quality and Artistry
  • Pointe Work
  • Repertoire

Each class is structured and catered towards the following:

  • Age Group – 11 Years Old and Above
  • Duration for Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate – 90 Mins Per Class (Twice a Week Schedule)
  • Duration for Advanced Foundation and Advanced One (1) – 105 Mins Per Class (Twice a Week Schedule)
  • Duration for Advanced Two (2) – 120 Mins Per Class (Twice a Week Schedule)

Let these tailored programmes be the stepping stones to your or your child’s dance aspirations. At AQ Dance Academy, we’re not just teaching dance; we’re inspiring futures. Join us and be part of a legacy of excellence and passion in the world of dance. 

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Discover the grace and beauty of ballet with AQ Dance Academy’s Ballet Programme! Experience the joy of dance in a nurturing environment, achieve excellence in technique, and join a community that celebrates every dancer’s potential. Step into the spotlight with confidence—your ballet adventure starts here at AQ Dance Academy. Enroll now!